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iTunes Game of the Year 2015 is Airline Manager

Airline Manager is in iTunes for 2015

If you are playing Airline Manager on your PC/Mac but not on an iPod/iPad or iPhone then you are about to discover that you can take Airline Manager mobile.

New in the iTunes App Store for 2015 is what I think may become the game of the year in 2015. I encourage you to use the link below to Download Airline Manager on the App Store right now.

Airline Manager in the iTunes App Store takes your airline mobile!

If you are concerned that your staff is going to strike while you are at work or that your planes have been grounded for nearly eight hours then Airline Manager on iTunes is for you. Now you can easily play anywhere on your mobile device. 

The game, when linked thru your facebook login, connects you directly to the airline that you are managing on your PC/Mac computer. With no delay you can pick up right where you were anytime and anywhere.