iTunes Game of the Year 2015 is Airline Manager

Airline Manager is in iTunes for 2015

If you are playing Airline Manager on your PC/Mac but not on an iPod/iPad or iPhone then you are about to discover that you can take Airline Manager mobile.

New in the iTunes App Store for 2015 is what I think may become the game of the year in 2015. I encourage you to use the link below to Download Airline Manager on the App Store right now.

Airline Manager in the iTunes App Store takes your airline mobile!

If you are concerned that your staff is going to strike while you are at work or that your planes have been grounded for nearly eight hours then Airline Manager on iTunes is for you. Now you can easily play anywhere on your mobile device. 

The game, when linked thru your facebook login, connects you directly to the airline that you are managing on your PC/Mac computer. With no delay you can pick up right where you were anytime and anywhere.


If you keep your planes flying a lot they will need a D-Check at 5,000 flying hours. A D-Check is very extensive and expensive, but very important! Neglecting to perform D-Checks may result in an incident or even a crash. 

D-Check Progress and time remaining

D-Checks take your airplane off the line for 74 hours. Thats over three days out-of-service But after 5,000 hours of flying both the plane and you need to take a break. 

Up to this point in the game I am willing to bet you have not had an airplane crash. Even skipping C-Checks does not result in a crash (correct me if I am wrong). So store up your cash and preform the maintenance as it presents itself. 

When you preform your first D-Check you will get the "D-Check" Achievement. The D-Check Achievement I earned today is pictured below.

In summary; you may be playing way to much if you have planes getting D-Checks. 

As far as I know you cannot see how many hours your plane has flown. One reason you may want to know is so that at 4,999 hours you could sell your plane and get a new one. That's okay with me because it's likely that you would loose money in the transaction. Selling a high hour plane for a low price and buying a low hour plane for a high price is not a wealth building business model. 

Link here If you would like see all the Airline Manager strategy: Facebook Airline Manager Resource Page

Airline Manager Airline Level

Airline Level explained: 

Progression thru the levels is accomplished by tracking game activity. The primary measure of game activity is Starting Routes and Repairing Damage. I am currently at level 48 and 18% of the way to level 49.

Level Airline Manager
Airline Manager Level

Once I reach level 50 I will unlock the Achievement Badge for Level 50. Once at Level 100 I will receive Achievement badge for level 100. Currently there are no additional Level Badges beyond Level 100.

Airline Manager Level Achievement Badges

Airline Manager Overview

Reputation is a key feature in the Overview window.

Total Flights: This is a running total of how many flights you have compleeted.
Pax of all time: "Pax" is an abbreviation common in the airline business. Short for Passengers.
Cargo: If this is active it will tell you cargo totals transported.
Reputation: This can change for a few reasons. I go into detail below.
Pax Bonus: Earn faster by adding In Flight Entertainment to your planes when you buy them.
Overview Airline Manager

Reputation should be maintained at 100%

If you see your airline reputation fall below 100% then check on a few things.
Check the STAFF tab. Is there a strike? Try increasing salary so employee satisfaction is 80% or greater.
Check MAINTENANCE for any aircraft damage. Fix any damage As soon as possible. If planes require C-Checks then give them C-Checks the next time they land. If your planes need D-Checks give them D-Checks immediately.