Airline Manager Airline Level

Airline Level explained: 

Progression thru the levels is accomplished by tracking game activity. The primary measure of game activity is Starting Routes and Repairing Damage. I am currently at level 48 and 18% of the way to level 49.

Level Airline Manager
Airline Manager Level

Once I reach level 50 I will unlock the Achievement Badge for Level 50. Once at Level 100 I will receive Achievement badge for level 100. Currently there are no additional Level Badges beyond Level 100.

Airline Manager Level Achievement Badges

Airline Manager Overview

Reputation is a key feature in the Overview window.

Total Flights: This is a running total of how many flights you have compleeted.
Pax of all time: "Pax" is an abbreviation common in the airline business. Short for Passengers.
Cargo: If this is active it will tell you cargo totals transported.
Reputation: This can change for a few reasons. I go into detail below.
Pax Bonus: Earn faster by adding In Flight Entertainment to your planes when you buy them.
Overview Airline Manager

Reputation should be maintained at 100%

If you see your airline reputation fall below 100% then check on a few things.
Check the STAFF tab. Is there a strike? Try increasing salary so employee satisfaction is 80% or greater.
Check MAINTENANCE for any aircraft damage. Fix any damage As soon as possible. If planes require C-Checks then give them C-Checks the next time they land. If your planes need D-Checks give them D-Checks immediately.