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Advertising increases overall revenue. Use your advertising dollars to maximize the income from your flights. I recommend buying Billboards on 20 international airports advertising. There is great success that has been proven by this method.

You can have 100% of your seats full on a flight that is showing only 90% demand. Keeping your seats full will always help your bottom line.

Advertising has been updated. There are more options and the cost of advertising now fluctuates. Similar to the way fuel prices change over time you can try to buy advertising when the prices are low.
advertising graph

Newspaper     Newspaper Advertising

TV Commercial     1 tv commercial
Internet in major search engines     Internet: in major search engines
Internet in major social media networks     Internet: in major social networks
Bus and Taxi posters     Bus and Taxi posters
10 TV commercials + newspaper advertising     10 tv commercials + newspaper advertising
cross country newspaper advertising     Cross country newspaper advertising
Billboards on major streets     Billboards on major streets
Billboards on 1 major airport     Billboards on 1 major airport
Billboards on 20 international airports     Billboards on 20 international airports

The graph represents the prices up till this very hour. With every price change, the graph will update. The numbers represents hours (1 through 24)
The graph is meant to give an idea of the prices of the current day

You also have many options for the type of advertising you use for your route.
This is a list and description of your advertising options.

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